El fotógrafo y su modelo


A partir de hoy, 23 de Abril 2017, retomaré mi blog de fotografía Please, Don’t move en formato de “foto diaria”, recuperando la buena costumbre que adquirí cuando participaba activamente de lo que fue una magnífica red para compartir fotos, Blipfoto.

Espero sea de su interés.


Comienzo esta etapa con una imagen que hice ayer en la puerta de mi trabajo, donde un fotógrafo de origen eslavo fotografiaba a una modelo sentada en el café frente a mi tienda.

The antique market

I have not had much time to devote to my blog in the last months. That situation has not changed much. However, as New Year’s resolution I will try to resume the frequent activity. Your comments will surely help me stay on that purpose. Thanks in advance.
Today I share some photos made with a new Canon 50mm 1.8 lens I had to buy because my favorite lens broke some time ago and I couldn’t find a new one in the market until last week. They are photos taken near my work, in the Antiques Market Plaza de la Catedral in Barcelona.  I think the 50 mm, to be a 145 € lens does a good work. What do you think?

Correfocs 2015

People love fire here in Catalunya and the “Correfocs“, that means “fire-runs”, is the must incendiary activity present in any Catalan festivals, as you can see in the  set of pictures I took during the Correfoc of La Mercè (the annual festival of Barcelona, also known as “La Festa Major”) last Sunday.

In the correfoc, lots of people (maybe thousands) dressed as devils running with dragons and lighting fireworks – fixed on devil’s pitchforks – take the streets from top to bottom, dancing all around to the sound of a rhythmic drum group.

Everybody runs with the fire over their heads among crowds of spectators and, between them, some crazy ones, as myself, follow them with our cameras.

As I have read some time ago, the European Union would like to prohibit this activity, but lucky, the initiative has not prospered. I have over 12 years photographing the Correfocs and I really do not want the ban; I wait all year for La Mercè and their Correfocs.

If you like this set, you can see another set of the same series in my Flikr page.