Trofeo de vela Conde de Godó

Last Saturday I was invited to participate as an accredited photographer to go with sailboats in the regatta for the trophy Conde de Godo 2016.

It was a pity it wasn`t the best day. We didn’t have winds uper than 4 knots and the competition was postponed for several hours.  At least, when they gave the start to the regatta beacause there was the expected and minimun required 4 knots, the sails began to spread the sails and gave us the opportunity to take some pictures.

It didn’t last for a long time. The regatta was suspended because  the wind dropped again to less than three knots a few minutes from to start. Any way, I would like to share with you the few pictures I cuold made and thanks to trophy Conde de Godo’s  press office, specially to Neus Jordi who gave me the invitation to this important event. Enjoy the pictures.


The pontoon for the Barcelona World Race

The race pontoon for the Barcelona World Race was opened to the public yesterday, at 18 days before the two-handed race, non stop around the world starts on 31st December.

An extract of the BWR Web page saids that:

The Barcelona World Race is the first and only double-handed (two crew per boat), non-stop, round the world regatta. It is a lap of the globe starting and finishing in Barcelona (Spain). External assistance is permitted, although there are strict penalty regulations. This is an extreme sporting challenge and ocean adventure that puts human limits to the test.

I will be covering the event until the departure of the ships on December 31. Meanwhile, I will share with you some photos of the preliminary events, in order to create the mood for such an interesting competition. Please follow it by Please … don’t move

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You can see my first Barcelona World race’s post here.

Urban Photography in Barcelona

Regatta Puig Vela classic Barcelona 2014 (2)

Last week I show you some pictures of the Regatta Puig Vela Classic Barcelona 2014. Today I have a set of the same regatta but this time in B&W processing. I hope you enjoi it.
I would like to give many thanks to Diego Yriarte and the Maritime Museum of Barcelona for the opportunity I have with them to take this pictures.

Sail photography Sail photography Sail photography Sail photography Sail photography Sail photography Sail photography Sail photography Sail photography Sail photography Sail photography

Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta 2013 (II)

Last September I got an accreditation as a photographer to go with the press boat following the Mediterranean-Tall-Ship-Regatta which left from Barcelona. At that time I dedicated a post on my blog entitled Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta 2013 (I) with some of the pictures after processing more than 1200 pictures that I had taken. It has passed a lot of time since that post, and I hadn’t had the opportunity until today to share another set of photos from the event.

This time I share 6 images with Barcelona as the setting for a beautiful spectacle. Enjoy it and please, leave your comments.

Regatta Photography Regatta Photography Regatta Photography Regatta Photography Regatta PhotographyRegatta Photography Urban Photography in Barcelona

Navili San Carlos


Esta joya que re-encontré ayer tarde, es el Navili San Carlos. Es una maqueta en madera de una fragata de 74 cañones, basada en los planos de la fragata San Damaro. La maqueta fue encargada por la Real Junta de Comercio de Barcelona y elaborada en 1777 por Josep Pedra. Sus 3,6 metros de longitud reposan desde aquellas fechas en el salón central de la Escuela Náutica de Barcelona. Vale la pena la visita.

Incluyo el resto de las fotos en Please…don’t move!.

Navili-San-Carlos-Image-(III) Navili-San-Carlos-Image-(II)