Food photography workshop

Last Saturday I attended a food photography workshop for the first time. The workshop was conducted by the people of Citronela studio in a rental set named Open Studio  in Barcelona.

After talking about food photography,  their different specialties, their tricks and tips, and about photographic ethics in food advertising we arrived at the most awaited moment of the session, the Photo Shoot!  The pictures in the next gallery were taken with my phone (LG3) and the three final pictures at the end of the post with my Canon EOS 7D with a EF-S 15-85.

It was really fun, but it was really dificult to build an edible dish, which, in turn, must be mounted anticipating the photo features “customer” expectations. In the first exercise, they ask us to “build” a green salad dish with some gazpacho and the second exercise was a picture of a cheese cake. For the first one, the final client was supposed to be a hight level restaurant, while the second one was supposed to be a food blog, so it had to look in some way casual and home made.

Here I share some of my work done in the workshop with my Canon EOS 7D after some sketches and previous assemblies on set. I look forward to your comments and tips. Thank you.

Green salad with Gazpacho.

Green salad with Gazpacho.

Cheese cake with raspberries.

Cheese cake with raspberries.



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