Barcelona World Race-One month in

“Four weeks after the Barcelona World Race started on a warm, sunny afternoon off the Catalan capital, just hours before 2014 became 2015, and the fleet is now well spread over very nearly 3000 miles of ocean. Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam on Cheminées Poujoulat are pushing on well in the relatively moderate conditions of the South Indian Ocean, teasing their margin out today beyond 200 miles once again, ahead of Neutrogena, Guillermo Altadill and José Munoz.” (From the press note).

In view that the competittors are almost in the first month of the race around the World, I share some pictures of Hugo Boss’s team in action the first day of the competition, still in Barcelona, last December 31. Hugo Boss was the favorite and they were in the front rank during some days until the main mast had broken in the Atlantic and they had to left the competition and change course to the nearest port in Brazil (January, 14). So, now there are only 7 teams in competition and three of them had achieved the Indian Ocean few days ago.

I also prepared a video with the routes of the ships since the first day until now, using the app the contest organization left in this link. You can follow all the route this way.


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