Cáritas, XAPSLL and Arrels Fundació (Revised post)

Yesterday, walking to my work, I found in front of the the city council building, a peacefull manifestation in favor of giving a decent home to all the people in Barcelona.
It was organized by Cáritas that develops an important role in promoting social support for different social groups in precarious situations or social exclusion.

The organization of this activity had active participation of La Xarxa d’Atenció a Persones Sense Llar (Homeless care network) and Arrels Fundació. Both organizations are devoted to the attention of homeless people in the city of Barcelona  They have accompanied through more than two decades more than 8.000 homeless people in their path towards autonomy, offering them housing, meals, social attention and health care.

I think it is an important and worthy mission to share. Therefore, I offer the photos I did, that show what touched me yesterday.

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Urban Photography in Barcelona


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