Sep 11, 2014 – 300th Anniversary

The story continues. She never stands still. On 11 September, Catalonia celebrated the 300th anniversary of the defeat of the hands of the Bourbon army in 1714.

The date was widely expected by all. On one side, almost half of the Catalan people demanding independence immediately. On the other hand, the Spanish State that denies that Catalonia has any right to decide unilaterally and outside the Constitution. In another side, the politicians, some trying to keep rhythm and other decidedly marking it (dare I say that with parallel agendas); some offering alternatives to independence and other silent when they should speak.

The reality is that less than two months of a referendun that has not been agreed with the government, so, technically is illegal, people fullfilled the streets of Barcelona to show their openly independentist spirit doing a giant Catalan flag with the form of victory’s “V” between Barcelona’s two main avenues (Gran Vía and Diagonal). Some people predicted that there would be riots, but were disillusioned. Civility prevailed and the party was merry, and above all very organized.

For the dimension of the event, this time I chose to concentrate on one sector. I did not move more than three streets to make the photographs I offer today in my blog, but believe me, they were about 10 km of people dressed in the colors of the Catalan flag, in happy formation, meeting in families and groups of friends, shouting “Independence Now”.

Madrid should listen and make a move.


You can see my last year’s Diada post here.


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