Photo cake

The parents of my friend José Collado got married 50 years ago and as José is a wonderful baker, he designed and prepared a cake for the big celebration. The interesting thing is that he did it by stamping a photograph of the wedding day in a sheet of white chocolate that was in the top of the cake.
I couldn’t see the entire job, but I liked what I saw (the stamped chocolate sheet), so I’d like to share it with you. In the photos you can see the author, José, confectioner and restaurateur, who is my neighbor in front of my ice cream parlor; the original photo on his mobile phone and the chocolate sheet stamping portrait.
I understand, as he explained to me, that the process to do this type of work is similar to silkscreen, but instead of ink, chocolate is used.
I think it’s

photo-cake-imagephoto-cake-image photo-cake-image Urban Photography in Barcelona


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