Ratha Yatra Festival in Barcelona-Contrast

A big city is a place of contrasts and Barcelona isn’t diferent from others in this feature.

Yesterday was the Ratha Yatra Festival in Barcelona and Hindu people in town celebrated the date with a lively  procession in honor of Krishna.

I think is a good example of Contrasts for the Weekly Photo Chalange.

Two years ago, I found the same ceremony in a rainy day. You can see the picture I hung up on Blipfoto that day


5 thoughts on “Ratha Yatra Festival in Barcelona-Contrast

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  2. That’s a super post and lovely photos. I loved the timing of the post as well. Seeing photos of Ratha Yatra celebration and that too in Barcelona is something amazing and inspiring, too. Devotees of Lord Krishna are in all corners of the world now. Thanks for sharing the photos.


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