Sant Jordi’s Day Barcelona

April 23 is an important date in Barcelona. The festivity of Sant Jordi. It’s a day to bring presents of flowers and books to friends and family. I remember when I was a little child that my grandmother used to tell me that when she was young, in a travel around Europe (after the end of World War I) she visited a city where one day of the year boys give a rose to young ladies and girls used to give boys a book as a present. She used to tell me that with excitement, surely remembering the roses she received and the gallants to which she should give a book.

For my part, I listened to her with interest but (I was a child) distracted with other things, so I can’t say which city in the world was that. Now I live in Barcelona and every april 23 I remember my grandmother and I like to think that maybe she walked down the Ramblas one April 23rd nearly 100 years ago.

Here I share with you some pictures I took last April 23 in Las Ramblas in Barcelona in Sant Jordi’s day.

Urban Photography in Barcelona


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