Italian road movie

Two weeks ago I traveled  from Bologna, Italy, to French Provence near Arles. Per the hour we started the journey, the light conditions, and the fact of having shared the driving with my wife, I did something I never thought I would do: Photographing the landscape from a moving car. In fact, I always criticized my sister for doing so, but this time I could not resist the temptation.

The route.

The route.

A few months ago I shared a post with pictures of the Battersea Power Station in London, taken from the train. However, this time I think I am more aware of the problems of shooting from a moving vehicle. Not only the speed of the car influences the selected speed and aperture, but also the direction in which the picture is taken (to the side or toward the front) as objects move differently relative to the photographer. Moreover, on the train, being a journey that I did every day, I could establish in advance the right time to take the picture. On the contrary, in a long journey by car, journey that we were doing for the first time on this occasion , the “potential photographic objects” appeared and disappeared by surprise at a speed of about 80 Mi/h

In any case, the varied Italian landscape worth the trip. I would like my pictures, that I feel like a road movie, could do the honors.

Road-movie-1 Road-movie-2 Road-movie-3 Road-movie-4 Road-movie-5 Road-movie-6 Road-movie-7 Road-movie-8 Road-movie-9 Road-movie-10 Road-movie-11 Road-movie-12


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