Enduro Indoor in Barcelona

Last month I had the opportunity to cover the 15th Enduro Indoor Competition, inside the Palau Sant Jordi stadium, Barcelona, Spain, but I wasn’t able to share the pictures because I was to busy with other topics, especially one that is too close to my heart.

This is Venezuela’s situation and its turn to a represive dictatorship. If you’ve followed my blog, you’ve seen that I have devoted much space to the issue, leaving aside the main purpose of my blog, which is photography, especially related to Barcelona. The situation in Venezuela does not improve and the government has become increasingly violent and repressive. However, I will try to resume the main purpose of my blog. However, I apologize if sometimes I return to share the pain I live for my beloved country.

In any case, the experience lived on 9 February at the Palau Sant Jordi was memorable and I thank the organization for allowing me to attend the event as a photographer for my blog. The roar of the motorcycles, the wet mud, the smell of gasoline, the joy of the public and the color around me were realy hard to communicate photographically. I hope the selection of photos that I share today succeed in doing so.

By the way, in about 8 hours of work that day, I took over 2100 photos. Of those, I only processed 261 images, probably the best. Today I share only 8 of them. All of the pictures in this post are photos of the undisputed champion of the night, Taddy Blazusiak, from Poland and a member of the KTM team

If you are interested in a final cronicle of the race, please visit this link, and here is the competition’s official site. I would love to read your comments.

Urban Photography in Barcelona


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