Venezuela is tired of “At least being alive.”

Young student, protesting in Venezuela with a poster that says “I’m tired of At least being alive.”

Nicolás Maduro’s government has executed a planned violence rise against the protests that have filled cities nationwide in the past two weeks. The balance amounts over five young students brutally murdered with high caliber guns and hundreds injured and arrested, These have been  beaten and tortured and there are at least a dozen missing.

These actions are in line with the announcement of Maduro, some days ago, “call me a dictator if you want” as well as in harmony with the threats to use weapons and violence to “defend the homeland” conducted by several high pieces of the Revolution as did the Governor of Carabobo, which threatened with a brutal offensive, a “fulminant counter-attack” (please, don’t forget that he is the authority and that he was talking about a counter-attack against young people protesting for insecurity).

This fulminant counter-attack left a young girl (Genesis Carmona, 20 years old) dead by high caliber shot. The picture you see here was taken in this protest. The picture shows a young girl (some people thought she was Genesis, but no, she isn’t) showing a poster that said: I’m protesting because “I’m tired of at least being alive.” This is the real cause of the protests in Venezuela. We are protesting against a government that can not protect the lives of its citizens and now sends its troops to silence the protest with more violence.

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