Venezuela is being shot to death

I’m sorry I don’t share any picture today. My heart is so sad.
Yesterday was a black day in my loved Venezuela. Mr. Maduro send his armed groups against the students that were protesting against insecurity in the country and killed three of them. One with a shot in his head. Mr. Maduro’s government is already questioned by illegitimate. Now to be murderer.

Please...don't move!

Venezuela muere a tiros.

Otra muerte absurda e injustificada la muerte del arquitecto John Machado.

¿Parte de la estrategia de un gobierno ilegítimo para encerrar a la población en casa por temor a ser asesinados?

Sea así, o no, el responsable constitucionalmente de velar por la seguridad y por la vida de los ciudadanos venezolanos es el Estado. Pero el Estado venezolano está gobernado por hombres huecos, hombres de trapo, llenos de vacíos. Debemos exigirles responsabilidades por 24.700 muertes en un año.

Another absurd and wrongful death. The death of the architect John Machado.

Is this part of the strategy of an illegitimate government to lock people in their house for fear of being killed? Maybe, but in any case, the constitutionally responsible for ensuring the safety and life of Venezuelan citizens is the State, the problem is that the Venezuelan State is in the hands of a group of Hollow men

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