Smartphone pics in a concert

A good friend of mine, that is in the city for a few days, invited me yesterday to a jazz concert in Harlem jazz club in Barcelona. We didn’t know what we were going to hear, but it looks like a good idea to find us there to enjoy the music we like, and, oh yes! really it was!

We saw, in first line, a trio formed by tuba, saxophone and banjo, interpreting mainly classic New Orleans jazz with good musical sense and superb staging. The trio calls itself “Casi el mejor trio de tu vida” (Almost the best trio of your life). Maybe the name fits so big yet, but sure it was one of the must funy jazz sesion I have seen.

As something strange, I left my camera at home and I  only could take pictures with my smartphone (which has broken screen). However, I do not complain about what i got, although I still prefer my good friend Canon. What do yo think?

Casi-el-mejor-trio-de-tu-vida-picture-I 03012014-03012014-2014-01-03-00.17 02012014-2014-01-02-23.59 02012014-2014-01-02-22.45 02012014-2014-01-02-22.42 Casi-el-mejor-trio-de-tu-vida-picture-VI


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