A kiss is just a kiss

A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-XV2013 is arriving to its end and allways people remember good momments to share with friend in these dates. In this spirit I would like to share a series of picture I have call “A kiss is just a kiss” remembering the lyrics of the movie Casablanca (As time goes by). the pictures were taken in 2013, although I started the series a couple of years ago.

A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-I A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-II A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-III A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-IV A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-V A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-VI A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-VII A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-VIII A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-IX A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-X A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-XI A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-XII A-kiss-is-just-a-kiss-picture-XIII _MG_3392

Obviously the subject is not original of mine. Many photographers have always developed this theme; In this sense see the fotomontage I leave as a proof of admiration to so many photographers, artists and filmsmakers that have influenced me in that regard. However, this is a personal look at an intimate momment of unknown couples that show their love in public spaces.


Here are the links to some of the pictures of this post in Blipfoto, where they were posted first:

Happy new year

You must remember this

It’s still the same old story

A kiss is just a kiss II

A kiss is just a kiss III

A kiss is just a kiss (again)

Better than a kiss…two kisses

Happy new year 2014 full of kisses …. and let me photograph them.


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