Pictures of the year 2013

We are reaching the end of 2013, and like every year the news agencies make their selection of photos of the year. I made a selection of the first 10 photos of each of the agencies that I visited these days.

Violence, tragedies and sadness.
I hope that next year’s selection to be a more joyful choice.
France Press Reuters Roosevelts Time Yahho

The copyright of all images in this post are property of their authors or news agencies.


2 thoughts on “Pictures of the year 2013

  1. As they are mostly photos from news agencies, they tend to highlight the dramatic side… but there is a kind of beauty in some of these captures… me thinks.


    • I agree with you. Anyway, when you see them and think retrospectively about the events they show, my feelin is that I hope the new year be a happier one.


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