The activist

What’s happening in Venezuela? Here is only an example. Read it and them think about Cairo, Damasco or Kiev.

Caracas Chronicles

autoconv“I was one of the few who put together the whole auto-convocados thing.”

I’m having coffee with a wide-eyed twenty-three year old. She begins telling me the story behind the spontaneous street protests that happened last month.

“Me and my friends were frustrated – still are – about the apathy in opposition circles. Why isn’t our leadership calling people to the streets to protest? Why have we demobilized? The country is going to hell in a handbasket and … what exactly are we doing about it?”

“We thought it would be great to try out how strong a weapon Twitter is in organizing a grass-roots protest movement. So, without anyone really knowing, we started the auto-convocados thing. The first one was held November 9th. That was the day Daka blew up – we like to tell ourselves we had something to do with the timing – so, in spite of…

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