after the storm

I don’t use to reblog from other places in Please… don’t move, but the “After the Storm” post by A WALK WITH MY CAMERA, is a justified exception. The post-hurricane Philippine drama is reflected with beautiful black and white photos. I experienced something similar but more localized in Venezuela 14 years ago. That region of Venezuela not only suffered the devastation caused by the rains, but the indifference of the government of Mr. Chavez and for that reason has never recovered from disaster. I really hope that Philippine goverment undestand how to deal with this situation and that we could see the effects of recovery very soon.

A walk with my camera

I wasn’t prepared for this, and neither was my government.  After 3 very challenging weeks, I have already come to terms with the situation, that recovery will be a long process but we’ll eventually get there.  The Philippine government, however, is still in denial.  We survived, but eventually it will be politics that will kill us all.

I went out to take photos on the following morning, but after seeing so much pain and struggle, I couldn’t play the role of a casual observer.  I, too, was part of this and I realized that I had a bigger role to play: to survive the aftermath, both physically and emotionally.


The water supply was shut down except for this pipe at the Tacloban Shopping Center.  There was already a long line of people waiting in line.  They brought every bottle and bucket they had to fill with water.  I made a…

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